Important Bird Area Data Collection Project

The Great Meadows Conservation Trust is partnering with members of the Hartford Audubon Society and Trinity College professors, and beginning the process of gathering data to apply for Important Bird Area recognition for the Great Meadows. The worldwide IBA program is lead by the National Audubon Society in the US. To learn more go to

Not only will IBA recognition enhance our ability to attract funds to protect and enhance forest, marsh, and grasslands habitat, but the data that will be collected will guide stewardship efforts. A hoped for outcome would be a comprehensive stewardship plan that would be a fitting continuation of the two studies of the meadows completed by the Trust over its 30 year history of stewardship.

Professor Jonathan Gourley, Lecturer and Lab Coordinator in Trinity College's Environmental Science Program is providing GIS mapping support to our IBA Project. Below are links to Maps that Professor Gourley has provided to us that will enable us to pinpoint our bird observations to a specific location in the Meadows. At left is the reference map. By clicking on the links on the right, birders can retreive and print 8.5" by 11" topographic maps in pdf format.

To participate in our Important Bird Area data collection project, simply input your bird observations into eBird. Important: in "Step one: Where did you Bird?" identify the location where you made your observation using the second option "Find it on a Google Map." By using the appropriate topomap to record your observations in the field, you can click in the Google Map. This will enter the data in eBird with accurate latitude and logitude coordinates. Professor Gourley will be able to retrieve the data and integrate it into the GIS map.

Larger Reference Map

Map 1 - East Harford
Map 2 - Wethersfield north
Map 3 - Glastonbury
Map 4 - Wethersfield south
Map 5 - Rocky Hill
Map 6 - South Glastonbury