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Great Meadows
Conservation Trust, Inc.

Upcoming events!

Brisk Winter Walks 2022

Next Sunday, January 16, 1:00 pm, Wethersfield
Wolf Parcel..and out to Folly Brook Nat. Area
Monday, January 17, 4:30 p.m.Keeney Center to Cove Park
Wolf Moon rise!

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Jan. 1 — New Year's Day! — Wood Parcel
Celebrate the Heritage Walk panels, the "accessible" trail, the walk along the Anderson Farm fields..and the last of the golden beets!
Wood parcel Walk 2022
Jan. 2 —Glastonbury Ferry Landing/Coal wharf

They're here!—Installed!

Heritage Walk Panel 1 installed!
Heritage Walk Signs at
The Wood parcel Installed!

View the panels below:

Panel 1 - Panel 2 - Panel 3

Read the latest! Dec. 2021 Meadow View

Covid-19 Tip From Hartford Healthcare:

Don't Hide Indoors!

 Sunlight actually energizes the body’s T-cells to help fight against infection, and it can also give your body a boost of Vitamin D, which supports the immune system. If you venture into the woods for a hike or mountain bike ride, you can also experience a boost in immune function by breathing in substances like phytoncides produced by woodland plants.

1. Family hike at the Wood Parcel: Self-guided flyer with map

2. Nature and Historical Bicycle Ride— Wethersfield Cove—Old Wethersfield village, Connecticut River Floodplain, Nation’s Oldest Ferry, South Glastonbury. Click here for map.


Kycia Farm Planning Process
Recommendations soon!

The Kycia 1913 dairy barn as Sketched by EB Wolf

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Bike map—Weth. Cove thru Great Meadows
across Ferry to Killam&Bassette Farmstead
Wood Parcel Flyer with map
Take your kids for a nature hike in Wood Parcel
Nature never ceases to surprise at the Wood Parcel

March 2017 Meadow View (2016 Annual Report)



A Great Blue Heron perches on driftwood
on the Folly Brook delta in the Wethersfield Cove.

Great Blue heron in the Wethersfield Cove


The Great Meadows Conservation Trust, Inc. 

The Great Meadows Conservation Trust was incorporated in 1968 by concerned citizens of Wethersfield, Rocky Hill and Glastonbury as a non-profit tax exempt land trust to protect and preserve the Great Meadows. We wish to save the floodplain's vital agricultural, scenic, archeological and wetland resources, and are committed to working with like-minded groups and landowners.

We are organized to acquire land and negotiate conservation easements. We interact with state and local governments about decisions affecting the meadows, believing that the intrinsic value of the land must be high on the public agenda. Read our Mission Statement


A lone heron warms in the afternoon sun south side of Crow Point




Great Meadows Conservation Trust, Inc.
P.O. Box 171
Glastonbury, CT 06033

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