Research in the Great Meadows

Folly Brook Nature Area Study

Neiring, William and Frank E. Egler. "Folly Brook Natural Area." An unpublished draft of a study of the flood plain forest area known as the "Folly Brook Nature Area" bounded by the Connecticut River on the west, the Wethersfield Cove on the south, and Folly Brook on the west, as well as the area on the west bank of Folly Brook ,now known as the Eleanor Buck Wolf Preserve. Data were obtained in observations by the two aurthors during June and July of 1961. Document received by the Great Meadows Conservation Trust, Oct. 3, 1978.

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Flood Plain Forest Studies in Great Meadows

Metzler and Damman 1985

Damman, 1994

Flood Plain Forest Studies by Christian Marks, The Nature Conservancy
Transects in Wolf Parcel, Crow Point and DiPaola Parcel

Planning Studies Commissioned by the GMCT 1969, 2001

Umass Study: 1969
An Inventory and Analysis of Resources and Recommendations for Conservation and Development
Department of Landscape Architecture, College of Agriculture

Umass Study: 2001
The Great Meadows of the Connecticut River
Glastonbury, Rocky Hill & Wethersfield,
A Review of Its Resources & Recommendations for Its Protection & Preservation

Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning

Case Study by Ryan and Hansel, c. 2002

CREATING RECREATION PARTNERSHIPS ON PRIVATE AGRICULTURAL AND FOREST LAND IN THE URBAN NORTHEAST: A CASE STUDY FROM THE GREAT MEADOWS OF THE CONNECTICUT RIVER Robert L. Ryan Assistant Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, University of Massachusetts, 109 Hills North, Amherst, MA 01003 Juliet Hansel Masters in Regional Planning Graduate, Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, University ofMassachusetts, 109 Hills North, Amherst, MA 0I003

"Spring melt pulls veil from roadside trash" by Robert Thorson. Op Ed in the Hartford Courant March 21, 2010

"Spring melt brings spring freshet that lifts veil from the Wethersfield Cove trash." Video Essay by Jim Woodworth. The beauty of Wethersfield Cove in winter contrasted with the 50 year trash buildup in the Folly Brook Nature Area: view video: March 2010


Jaime Grant and coring equipmentCoring of transect by Jaime Grant, PHD candidate at UConn
November 4 and 5, 2008

video of coring operation


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