June 11, 2005 Bike Route



Bike Route from Keeney Center through Great Meadows
to Rocky Hill Ferry Landing

1. Depart Keeney Center take left on Main Street to Garden Street .1 mile
2. Turn left on Garden Street .2 mile
3. Turn left on Broad Street .3 mile
View Broad Street Green … Great Elm
Pass Anderson Farms on left…Corn and vegetables grown in Meadows
4. Turn right on Marsh Street .6 mile
5. Follow Marsh Street around corner…Turn right on Great Meadow Road .9 mile
6. Pass under I 91 … watch for cars! Turn right at T
…continue on Great Meadow Road 1.0 mile
7. Follow Great Meadow Road past Putnam Park, under Putnam Bridge
Note: former site of Wethersfield Town Dump
former site of Comstock, Ferre, & Co. tomato seed washing facility
Bear right toward gate, turn left through gate into Great Meadows 1.4 miles
8. Follow Great Meadow Road…bear left at corner…note gate at “First Lane”
Note: forested excavation site on right, lower field on left,
followed by bean field on right, turf on left.
9. Turn right on “Second Lane” at end of bean field 1.8 miles
Great Meadow Road continues straight toward “Wright’s Island”…now known
as Crow Point., still owned by White Oaks Const. … excavated fill for bridge
approach and I 91. 60 acre Comstock, Ferre farm on left…now Beaver Pond….
Anderson Farms corn on right; Hale’s Creek on left…. 2.0 miles
Farm road on right meets end of “First Lane” … wooded lot is Trust parcel,
with the Wolcott #1 parcel in “upper Swamp” 2.2 miles
10. Agricultural Drainage Ditch; junction with Elm Street on right
Meadow Road becomes Elm Street Extension 2.6 miles
Note views of Glastonbury, south side of Crow Point (the “island”)
from Old Wethersfield sewer overflow outfall….
11. Note beginning of turf field on right 2.8 miles
Jersey barrier…indicates cutting edge of river on
Wolcott parcel #3 (“The Nook”) and #2 in the “Lower Swamp” 3.1 miles
Wooded area Crilly parcel; note kestrel box and wood duck box
End of turf field…Jersey barriers 3.3 miles
“C Lane” Trust’s United Aircraft “Pole Lot” 3.4 miles
12. Turn right at gate to turf field (don’t go through gate) 3.8 miles
Elm Street Extension becomes Great Meadow Road, Rocky Hill
Note: Indian burial sites, living areas found on left.
13. Continue straight at junction with “Meadow Road” from
Golf Brook Lane joining right 4.0 miles
Note CT River Motocross Park up road on right….
14. Farm Road enters from left, bean fields; wooded area on right 4.2 miles
15. Turn right at gate (straight ahead goes to “sands” RH Game Club area) 4.6 miles
Turn left…follow “jog” to left (“C” Lane joins from right) 4.9 miles
Bear left… (“B” Lane joins from right) 5.2 miles
Cross Goff Brook bridge 5.4 miles
16. Exit Great Meadows through gate to Ferry Park 5.6 miles
17. Board Ferry for Glastonbury! 5.8 miles