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Goff Brook Lane Walk to Qarry Park Ridge

Saturday, January 12, dawned sunny and warm as promised. After a week of thawing and a day of rain, the Connecticut River had crested at 12 feet on the Hartford Gage, forcing Plan B on the 19 hikers, some new to the Meadows, who had assembled on Goff Brook Lane to view parcels of land donated to the Trust last year in memory of Edward and Ann Hayes.

Our walk proceeded down Goff Brook Lane as it runs through the gate between the railroad tracks, running up on the bank on the right, and the shallow slough of a branch of Goff Brook on the left. Water backing up from the river filled the slough, preventing the group from checking out the beaver lodge we'd seen last week in the middle of the frozen pond a half mile into the woods. Water over the road at the Goff Brook culvert stimied Plan A—our visit the Trust's Hayes parcels. Several Game club hunters also turned back rather than drive through the 1 to 2 feet of water over the road.

Our group circled around the edge of Mr. Gilbert's rather muddy, uncut corn field, still rich with winter wildlife food, looped back across the road, up the ridge, and across the railroad tracks, where we picked up the white blazed Quarry Park Trail to the ridge. There, standing on the glacially smoothed and scarred knob of "rocky hill," we gazed out on the fields and woods of the Great Meadows. We'll walk them another day.

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