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Eleanor Buck Wolf Parcel - Hartford Dyke Walk
Saturday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 20, dawned as chilly as predicited but a very warm and convivial group of walkers gathered from as far away as Avon, Bloomfield, East Windsor, and East Hartford to walk in crunchy ice in the flood plain woods, drained by receding high water. Along the edge of Folly Brook the ice was thinned by the tide that had resumed its daily ebb and flow as the January thaw and rain storm waters drained away. The kingfisher chattered in the trees over the open water of the brook, while far across the Cove, ice fishermen dangled their lines,

Our walk into the Trust's Wolf parcel led us across the ancient channel of the Connecticut River that ran smack into the shale ridge that now supports the Cove warehouse, was deflected in a graceful arch or hook to the east, before turning downstreem again on the "Naubuc" side of the river. Around 1700 an ice jam blocked the main channel and a new channel opened up, cutting through the "hook," leaving behind the two coves. Hockenum Meadow, once a fertile part of Wethersfield, became a part of East Hartford and Glastonbury. A vestigal triangle of Wethersfield territory remains on the East bank where the Trust owns two slender parcels.

The hardy souls who walked east along the Hartford dyke on stage two of our walk straddled the line between 20th Century industry and commerce and the the flood plain forest. The movie theaters, the "water treatment plant," the airport all receded from our view as we descended the steep bank of the dyke, Following the slightly raised and cleared path of the sewer outfall, we walked out to the river where a pair of great blue heron flew along the far bank.

As the sun illuminating the east bank of the river began to fade, the group turned and headed back to our cars parked on Hartford Avenue..





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